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What do I need to bring?
All Guests - Bring sunglasses, sunscreen & hats, food and drinks of your choice in a small ice chest. Dress appropriately for the season, please remember that it is usually cooler on the water.

Crappie Trips - We will provide all necessary bait and tackle. You should bring one small cooler with your drinks and snacks.

Bass Trips - We recommend you bring rod & reels that you are comfortable using. Please limit it to 3 rods per angler. If you are traveling in to fish with us, we can provide your gear. You should bring a few drinks and snacks with you, the guide will provide a cooler to put them in.

Where do we meet our guide?
Unless notified otherwise, you will meet your guide at our new Marina, located at 13552 Texas Hwy, Many, LA 71449.

How long do we fish?
When crappie fishing you are usually on the water for approximately 6 hours or until the fish box is full. Bass anglers are usually on the water approximately 7 hours.

How many fish can we bring in?
Bass Trips - None, we practice strict conservation measures of catch & release on our bass trips. If you catch a trophy bass and would like it mounted, we would weigh, measure, and take pictures of it so that your favorite taxidermist can produce a replica. Replicas last much longer and allow the fish to be caught by another angler (this happens quite often).
Crappie Trips - The legal limit on Toledo Bend is 25 fish per person, limits do not include the Guide. We will fish approximately 6 hours or until the fish box is full. Booking multiple boats gives you the opportunity to catch more fish.

Do you clean the fish?
Yes, we filet all fish. If you would prefer to have your fish scaled, we will provide a space for you to do so.

Do I need a fishing license?
Yes, anyone over the age of 15 needs a Louisiana or Texas freshwater fishing license. Since you will be with a licensed captain, you can purchase a 3-Day Charter Pass for $10.00. You can purchase your license at, or you can purchase it the morning of your trip at Toledo Town & Tackle. If purchasing the morning of your trip please arrive early enough to allow time for that process, you must pay cash for licenses.

Where are the fish cleaned?
Most of our guides bring their fish back to our dock to clean the fish, a few of them may clean fish at other locations, such as Wildwood Resort or Fin & Feather Resort. At our marina there is space for you to relax, watch some sports, play darts, etc. while the guides clean the fish.  We also have concessions and a limited bar menu available.

How many people can go on a boat?
Pontoon Boats for crappie fishing hold from 4-6 people depending on the boat. As licensed charter captains, we are not allowed to have more that 6 customers on a boat. Our prices for pontoon boats are based on 4 people, any additional people are charged according to our additional person rates.

Bass Boats hold 2 guests and the guide. We have no flexibility here for insurance reasons.

We do have a few bay boats available, bass fishing with 3 people may be allowed on these. We also do smaller groups of crappie anglers on these boats if conditions dictate.

What are our rates?
Rates vary seasonally and by type of boat, please see our reservation page for exact rates.

What is the minimum age allowed on the boats?
We prefer and strongly suggest that no one under the age of 5 be allowed on the boats. Ultimately, this is your decision. Please be aware that you are on the water possibly 6 hours, it gets very hot at times. Fishing lines with hooks are in and out of the water, which could be dangerous. If you choose to bring a young child, please understand that if the boat must return early because of the child, this ends your trip. It is not usually feasible to come in and then go back out again.

Do we provide life jackets?
The guides keep life vests in the boats, as required by law. If your child is under the age of 16, they must wear a life jacket the entire time. If your child is small, you may want to bring a life jacket that is more comfortable than the generic ones we have.

Are there bathrooms on the boat?
Some of the barges have pop-up privacy areas in which there is a bucket that you can use. Please indicate if this is required. Some guides fish close enough to allow a bathroom break during the day. Always discuss this with your guide before the trip so that you both know what to expect.

Will my picture show up on the internet?
We do a lot of social media posting, if you prefer for your picture not to be on any site please make that known to the guide.

Can I bring my pet?
No, under no circumstances are pets allowed on the boats. 6-7 hours on the water is much too long for a pet to be comfortable.

What is your Cancellation Policy?
Fees are guaranteed for trips taken within 90 days of booking. Trips booked farther in advance are subject to any price increase that may take effect.

A 30% Advanced Payment is taken upon reservation to book your trip with the balance due at time of trip. Deposits cannot be refunded after 90 days, the trip can be rescheduled according to our Cancellation Refund policy, as follows:
  • Cancelled prior to 14 days in advance - Deposit is returned less 5% or $35 whichever is greater.  No refunds after 90 days from deposit date.
  • Cancelled from 7 days to 14 days - lose your deposit of 30%
  • Cancelled from 2 days to 7 days - lose 50% of the trip cost
  • Cancelled within 2 days - payment in full for trip
  • No Call / No Show - Full payment is collected

Weather cancellations are ALWAYS the guide's call, and that call is not usually made till the morning of the trip. If trip is cancelled BY THE GUIDE because of weather or other reason, customer can choose to rebook at another time or receive a refund less a 5% or $35.00 fee, whichever is greater.

In the event of a pandemic or government mandated shutdown vouchers will be issued instead of refunds.

It is your responsibility to verify that this reservation is correct - dates, boats, guides, etc.. If you have any questions or concerns, it is your responsibility to make sure the issue is addressed immediately.

You will be charged for everyone on the boat, regardless of whether they fish or not.